A personal injury attorney is a must after an automobile accident, a work injury, a dog bite or a slip and fall injury. There are 3 reasons why you should have a case reviewed and consider securing the services of a dedicated, professional, experienced legal team:

  1. Get the medical care you need
  2. Get the compensation you deserve
  3. Get support fighting the big insurance companies

It may seem like the insurance adjuster has your best interest in mind, but you must remember that the insurance adjuster has their own job to do. They work for the insurance company, which is where their loyalty lies. Saving the insurance company money is their goal, NOT making sure you get the medical care that you need and that you are entitled too.


Insurance adjusters are “rewarded” by the insurance company for keeping costs down, which means you can expect to be low balled when it comes to compensation after an injury. A good attorney can help make sure you are not when it comes to getting what you are entitled too.

Fight Back

It can be a very frightening time after a personal injury. There are so many things to deal with, that it can be very tempting to just accept what the insurance company is offering instead of fighting back. The right law firm will be there to fight back for you! It is important that you have legal support during this trying time. Kavanagh & Kavanagh Law Firm offers their expertise in Millville, NJ as:

  • Motor vehicle accident injury lawyer
  • Truck accident injury lawyer
  • Slip and fall accident injury law
  • Construction site injury attorney
  • Dog bite injury attorney
  • Premises liability injury law
  • Workers’ compensation lawyer
  • Work injury law attorney

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